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eApples: The national online apple resource, bringing you the latest science-based information.

This resource, created by the eXtension Apples Community of Practice (eApples), is an effort to provide research-based information about rootstocks, cultivars and production information to industry professionals, extension educators, master gardeners and home growers. eApples is comprised of a nationwide group of professionals with expertise in apple production. All of the states involved have an apple industry, and all have an interset in assisting the apple industry’s sustainability. The information may also prove useful for extension personnel, home owners, and Master Gardeners. Expertise within eApples includes rootstock selection, cultivar selection, integrated pest management, plant pathology, orchard management, and education. Most individuals possess more than one expertise area, and expertise areas may overlap, allowing for overall strength in numerous knowledge areas. Many members of eApples have collaborated in the past on research and extension efforts. eApples intends to be inclusive with other disciplines to promote broad educational efforts. Several stakeholders indicated their desire to see the formation of eApples, including numerous state and regional fruit grower associations. All content is collaboratively authored and reviewed by our community of professionals with expertise in pomology and related disciplines.

Our Mission

eApples strives to meet the educational needs of the apple industry as a whole; including industry partners, extension employees, and consumers by providing science-based information and learning opportunities through eXtension.

Our Vision

Any professional in the field of apple production, hobbyist, or consumer will be able to access information about any aspect of growing and producing apples at any time by any Internet-ready method and, by doing so, will increase their knowledge and use the information as a way to improve their skills, life, and/or business.

Our Values

eApples believes in:

  • The land-grant philosophy of helping people put knowledge to work to better their lives.
  • Using all appropriate means to increase access of the apples community of interest (CoI) to objective, research-based information and learning opportunities.
  • Creativity in the adoption of new technology to further the mission of eApples.
  • Collaboration in material development, joint ownership, and peer-review.
  • Recognition of contributions to achieving the mission of eApples.

Online Tools

Feature Articles: Our feature articles cover everything from basic concepts of apple production, to the latest, ground-breaking research written in an easy to understand context.

Ask an Expert: Have you not been able to find the answer to your question anywhere or don’t know whom to ask? Submit a specific question related to apple production, rootstocks or cultivars using eXtension’s Ask an Expert, and it will go directly to one of our experts. The answer to your questions will be responded to via email with a short turnaround time. Nowhere else do you have access to the national collective of expertise that eApples provides.

Future content: As eXtension and eApples grow, new collaborations and content will emerge. Concepts for many new and exciting areas are being considered for future implementation, including webinars, videos, online courses, smart phone applications, and much more.

Our Funders

eApples is funded by the NIFA-USDA Specialty Crops Research Initiative (SCRI) and eXtension. eApples is actively seeking new funding streams to keep our content fresh and current. If you are interested in supporting this effort, please contact our project coordinator, Jon Clements

Contact Us

If you have experience and expertise in pomology and would like to join our community, contact us by joining eXtension and indicating your interest in joining the Apples Community of Practice.

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