What are cider apples?

The intentional production of cider apples differs from the tradition of diverting lower-grade fruit of dessert cultivars, e.g., ‘McIntosh’, ‘Empire’, ‘Honeycrisp’, etc., from fresh markets to an on-farm or third-party cider mill. For the purposes of this guide, “cider apples” refers to apples intentionally grown for the purpose of making cider. Likewise, “cider” in this case refers to fermented, alcoholic apple juice and products made from it. While the majority of juice that is made into cider in New England …

Commercial cider apple growers survey

Grow cider apples commercially? The NorthEast Cider Apple Project (NECAP) wants to hear from you! Please fill out this brief survey so we may know what’s going on out there!

Thanks. Terence Bradshaw, Elizabeth Garofalo, and Jon Clements

Funding for NECAP is provided by NESARE Grant LNE19-373.

Northeast Cider Conference

Northeast Cider Conference. Tuesday, March 24, 2020 to Thursday, March 26, 2020. Hilton Albany, NY.

Intended to meet the unique regional needs of the cider community in the Northeastern states, this conference will provide the opportunity to build your network, share knowledge, and learn from your fellow producers and growers. The inaugural NCC will allow for problem solving, priority setting and market development for makers operating at all levels of scale, and enhance the cider culture in the Northeast.

Northeast Cider Apple Project (NECAP)

New England Cider Apple Project (NECAP) – Introduction

Terence Bradshaw (Project Director)
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Jon Clements, Dan Cooley, Elizabeth Garofalo, Jaime Pinero
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Renae Moran
University of Maine

In a recent survey of apple growers, one prominent Vermont apple grower stated, “The cider apple market represents the first real increase in demand for New England Apples in a generation. While sales of our …