What apple rootstocks are commercially available?

There are currently at least 23 different apple rootstocks available from rootstock nurseries. Most fruit tree nurseries propagate apple cultivars on about 7 to 10 different rootstocks. The most common dwarfing rootstocks offered by nurseries include several clones of the dwarfing rootstocks M.9 (T-337, NIC 29, Pajam 2 and M-9 EMLA), Bud 9, and EMLA 26. Common semi-dwarf rootstocks include EMLA 7, EMLA 106 and EMLA 111. …

U.S. Fruit Tree Nurseries

Adams County Nursery Inc., 26 Nursery Rd., P.O. Box 108, Aspers, PA 17304 http://www.acnursery.com/

Agri-Sun Nursery, 15935 S. Temperance Ave., Selma, CA 93662

Banning Orchards and Nursery, 4000 Grant Rd., East Wenatchee, WA 98802

Boyer Nursery & Orchards Inc., 405 Boyer Nursery Rd., Biglerville, PA 17307 http://www.boyernurseries.com/

Brandt’s Fruit Trees Inc., P.O. Box B, Parker, WA 98939 http://brandtsfruittrees.com/

Burchell Nursery Inc., 12000 State Highway 120, Oakdale, CA 95361 http://www.burchellnursery.com/

Cameron Nursery, 1261 Ringold Rd., P.O. Box 300, Eltopia, WA 99330-0300 …

International Fruit Tree Nurseries

D&L Nursery, 75 Avenue Joxe, 49100 Angers, France

Janssen Brothers Nurseries Limited, PO Box 2711 6030 aa Nederweert, Holland

Jos Morren Nurseries, Bosstraat 85-85 3545, Halen, Belgium

Nakajima Tenkoen Co., No. 34, 1-Chome Nakajima dori, Higashine City, Yamagata Perf. Japan 999-37

Schrama Nursery, Prof. Zuurlaan 10, 8256 PE, Biddinghuizen, Holland

Star Fruits, Les Genets D’or, No. 14, 84430 Mondragon, France

Viveros Requinoa, Victoria Subercaseaux No. 323, Santiago, Chile

Wiel Willems, Zuidwesterringweg 5-II, 8308 PC Nagele, Holland

As Cooperative Extension educators,

U.S. Fruit Tree Rootstock Nurseries

Brandt’s Fruit Trees, Inc., PO Box B, Parker, WA 98951 http://www.brandtsfruittrees.com

Burchell Nursery, Inc., 4201 McHenry Ave., Modesto, CA 95356 http://www.burchellnursery.com/

Cameron Nursery, 1261 Ringold Rd., PO Box 300, Eltopia, WA 99330-0300

Copenhaven Farms Nursery, 12990 SW Copenhaven Rd., Gaston, OR 97119 http://www.copenhavenfarms.com/

Cummins Nursery, 18 Glass Factory Bay Rd., Geneva, NY 14456 http://www.cumminsnursery.com/

Grootendorst Nurseries, Lakeside, MI 49116

Four Mile, 27027 South Hwy. 170, Canby, OR 97013 http://www.fourmile.com/

Lawyer Nursery, Inc., 950 Highway 200 West, Plains, MT 59859 http://www.lawyernursery.com/

What is the best dwarfing apple rootstock for my area?

The best dwarfing rootstock for your area depends on your location, soil type, and what apple production system you wish to utilize. Your location determines likely cold hardiness, vigor, and disease issues. The soil type will influence tree vigor and ultimate tree size. Your apple production system determines whether you need a rootstock which will result in a free-standing tree and what size that tree needs to be, or whether the rootstock needs to be more dwarfing and will result …

What is Nectria canker, and how do I identify and manage the disease on apple trees?

Nectria canker is a fungus disease caused by Nectria galligena. It is occasionally found on apple nursery stock shipped into the eastern United States. The economic effects of the disease in the eastern United States are minor. The fungus grows deep into the wood and kills new wound callus as it develops. This annual killing of successive layers of callus results in perennial, target-like, zonate cankers. Eventually the cankers girdle the tree, resulting in a dieback of infected limbs …

How do nurseries grow rootstocks?

Rootstocks are commonly propagated by layering to form large stool beds. The “mother plant” is set out in the field. The plant may either be mounded, or it may be trench layered. In mounding, the plant is cut off close to the ground. As the new shoots emerge from the mother plant, they are partially covered with soil or well-decomposed sawdust. The sawdust is renewed periodically during the growing season to prevent the base of the shoot from exposure to …