Apple Rootstock Info: G.30

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Rootstock G.30

Resulted from a cross between M.9 and Robusta 5 and introduced by the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva, NY.  G.30 produces a fairly vigorous dwarf tree, similar in size to M.26. Precocity and productivity are also similar to M.26. G.30 is highly resistant to fireblight and quite resistant to crown and root rots, but susceptible to woolly apple aphid. G.30 was tested at 20 locations in the NC-140 1994 semi-dwarf rootstock trial with

Effect of Wind on Apple Trees

Strong wind, especially wind associated with tropical storms that saturate the soil, can cause fruit trees to lean and sometimes be totally uprooted. Due to small and brittle root systems, dwarfing rootstocks tend to be prone to wind damage.

Susceptibility to wind damage appears to be related to the combination of rootstock and scion cultivar. Some brittle cultivars, such as ‘Gala’ and ‘Golden Delicious’, when propagated on brittle rootstocks, such as G.30 or M.26, may snap at the bud union. …