Apple Rootstock Info: M.27 EMLA

Characteristic Detail Description
Rootstock M.27 EMLA

Selected in 1934 from a cross of M.13 x M.9 at East Malling Research station in Maidstone, Kent, England and was tested as Malling 3431. M.27 EMLA is a very dwarfing rootstock and is probably too dwarfing for most commercial situations except for vigorous cultivars on vigorous sites, but it might be considered for home gardens where a small tree is desirable.. Trees on M.27 EMLA are very precocious and productive and require permanent

Interstem Apple Trees

Because many dwarfing rootstocks have less than the desired level of cold resistance and trees on all dwarfing rootstocks require support, dwarf rootstocks are sometimes used as interstems to combine the desirable characteristics of a vigorous understock and the dwarfing interstem.

Interstem trees consist of three parts:

  1. A vigorous rootstock (usually MM.111 or MM.106) 
  2. A dwarfing (usually M.9 or M.27) interstem is grafted to the rootstock. The interstem is usually about 6” long, but additional dwarfing can be obtained by