Disease-Resistant Apple Cultivars

There are more than 100 modern apple cultivars, and several dozen antique varieties, that have been selected in part for their disease resistance. They offer a broad range of flavors, appearance, taste profiles, storage potential, and harvest dates from mid-summer to early winter. This disease resistance was achieved by hybridization with other apple species with resistance to significant diseases, primarily apple scab (Venturia inaequalis), through natural selection or controlled breeding. Malus floribunda, also known as Japanese flowering crabapple,  …

What are the disease-resistant apple cultivars recommended for Wisconsin?

The following are some of the cultivars that will grow well in Wisconsin:

• Redfree: This is an early season, medium-sized, attractive red apple. You can store these apples up to 30 days.

• Prima: Prima produces medium to large fruit, red blushed on yellow skin. Mild, juicy, white flesh matures a week before McIntosh. You can store this apple for one to two months.

• Priscilla: This is a medium to large apple if you thin trees adequately after …