Choosing the Right Cultivar to Plant

gala apple

Several variables should be considered when selecting apple cultivars to plant. Important factors include cold hardiness (some cultivars will not survive extreme winter low temperatures), heat tolerance,  disease resistance, time of harvest, intended uses and time of bloom. Apples require cross-pollination between two cultivars that must bloom at the same time.

Commercial orchardists must consider cultivars for an intended market. For example, processors will pay a premium price for ‘Northern Spy’ for pie filling, but there is little demand for …

What is the best dwarfing apple rootstock for my area?

The best dwarfing rootstock for your area depends on your location, soil type, and what apple production system you wish to utilize. Your location determines likely cold hardiness, vigor, and disease issues. The soil type will influence tree vigor and ultimate tree size. Your apple production system determines whether you need a rootstock which will result in a free-standing tree and what size that tree needs to be, or whether the rootstock needs to be more dwarfing and will result …

I have a small backyard and want to plant an apple tree. What should I plant?

Here are some factors to consider in selecting an apple tree for a backyard setting:

► How much space is available with full sunlight and well-drained soil.

Apple trees require full sunlight for optimal blossom initiation and development the summer prior to the actual crop as well as for optimal fruit quality during the fruit’s growing season. Shading from a home and adjacent trees and buildings will result in poor tree growth, fruit yield, fruit quality and possibly greater insect …