Apple Rootstock info: B.10

Characteristic Detail Description
Rootstock B.10

Formerly Bud. 62-396. It is a release from the Michurinsk University of Agriculture (Russia) breeding program, which is trying to select for improved winter hardiness. A 10-year trial in Pennsylvania with Golden Delicious as the scion cultivar showed that trees on this rootstock were similar in size to trees on G.935 and M.9 T337 (15 percent smaller). Main scaffold branch angle was close to 90 degrees. Production efficiency and total yield were slightly better than trees on M.9 T337.

Cold hardy, yield efficient, Fireblight tolerant, with good root anchorage and stress tolerance. Production is similar to M-9.

Synonyms Bud 10, Budagovsky 10
Origin Malling 27 X Robusta 5
Availability Commercial
Tree Size
Precocity Very early
Winter Hardiness Very Hardy
Tree Support Needed
Where tested within NC-140 or other research plantings BC, CHIH, CO, IL, IN, IA, MA, MN, MI, NJ, NS, NY-G, OH, UT, WI