Apple Rootstock Info: B.118

Characteristic Detail Description
Rootstock B.118

Formerly Bud. 54-118. A semi-dwarfing rootstock from the Michurinsk College of Agriculture, former Soviet Union. Resulted from a’ Moscow Pear’ x M.9 or M.8 cross. Bud. 118 is reported to be a very cold hardy semi-dwarf rootstock and produces a tree about 85% of seedling. It is more precocious than seedling and can be grown without support. It is moderately resistant to fire blight, crown rot. There is very limited experience with Bud.118 in North America.

Synonyms Budagovsky 118, Bud.118
Origin Moscow Pear X mixture of M8 and M9 pollen
Availability Widely available
Tree Size 85% of standard
Winter Hardiness Very Hardy
Virus Status
Tree Support Needed
Where tested within NC-140 or other research plantings