Apple Rootstock Info: B.491

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Rootstock B.491

A very dwarfing rootstock from the Michurinsk College of Agriculture, former Soviet Union. Bud. 491 is reported to be very winter hardy with brittle wood and requires tree support. It is too dwarfing for most commercial situations, the wood is pink, it produces few burrknots and root suckers, but it is very susceptible to fire blight and Phytophthora. Bud. 491 was evaluated in the NC-140 1994 rootstock trial at 18 locations with the scion cultivar ‘Gala’. At most locations tree survival was good and was only 30 to 50% as large as B. 9and yield efficiency was often slightly lower than trees on B.9.

Synonyms Budagovsky 491, Bud.491
Tree Size  
Winter Hardiness  
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Tree Support Needed  
Where tested within NC-140 or other research plantings