Apple Rootstock Info: Seedling

Characteristic Detail Description
Rootstock Seedling

Seedling rootstocks are usually produced from seeds obtained from apple juice plants and are typically ‘Delicious’. Because seedling rootstocks are not clonal, one might expect more tree-to-tree variation than with clonal rootstocks. Trees on seedling rootstocks are considered full sized trees (100% standard) and well pruned mature trees will typically be about 16’ to 18’ tall with a canopy diameter of about 13’ to 16’. Trees on seedling rootstocks generally have good survival, are free-standing, relatively nonprecocious, produce few rootsuckers and burrknots, are relatively cold hardy, and do not have serious disease problems.

Synonyms None
Origin N/A
Availability Widely available
Tree Size 100% of standard
Precocity Late
Winter Hardiness Hardy
Suckering Many
Tree Support Needed None
Where tested within NC-140 or other research plantings N/A