Table of Apple Cultivar Fire Blight Susceptibility

Fire blight is a destructive bacterial disease of apples and pears that kills blossoms, shoots, limbs, and, sometimes, entire trees. The disease is generally common throughout the United States wherever apples are grown. However, outbreaks are typically very erratic, causing severe losses in some orchards in some years and little or no significant damage in others. This table shows the fire blight resistance rating of numerous apple cultivars.

Apple cultivar Fire blight resistance rating (z) Apple cultivar Fire blight resistance rating (z)
Arkansas Black MR Mollies Delicious S
Baldwin S Monroe S
Barry HS Mutus (Crispin) HS
Beacon S Niagara HS
Ben Davis HS Nittany HS
Braeburn HS Northern Spy S
Britemac MR Northwestern Greening MR
Burgundy HS Paulared HS
Carroll MR Priscilla MR
Cortland S Puritan S
Delicious MR Quinte S
Earligold S Raritan HS
Early McIntosh MR Redfree S
Empire MR Red Yorking HS
Fuji HS Rhode Island Greening HS
Gala HS Rome Beauty HS
Ginger Gold HS Scotia S
Gloster S Spartan S
Golden Delicious S Spigold HS
Granny Smith HS Spijon S
Grimes Golden S Stark Bounty MR
Gravenstein Holly S Stark Splendor MR
Idared HS Starkspur Earliblaze S
Jamba MR Starr HS
Jerseymac S Stayman S
Jonagold HS Summer Rambo S
Jonamac S Summerred S
Jonathan HS Turley MR
Julyred S Twenty Ounce HS
Liberty MR Viking MR
Lodi HS Wayne S
Macoun S Wealthy S
Maiden Blush S Wellington MR
McIntosh S Winesap S
Melba MR Yellow Transparent HS
Milton S York Imperial HS

MR = moderately resistant. Control needed only with fire blight susceptible rootstocks or under high disease pressure.

S = susceptible. Control usually needed when conditions are favorable for infection.

HS = highly susceptible. Control always needed when conditions are favorable for infection. These cultivars should receive first priority when control is required.

See Fire Blight of Apple for more information.

Prepared by K. S. Yoder and A. R. Biggs from personal observations and the following sources:

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