Apple Rootstock Info: J-TE-H

Characteristic Detail            Description
Rootstock J-TE-H

Released from Techobuzic, Czech Republic. The early descriptions from Czech researchers suggested that J-TE-H produces a tree about the size of trees on M.26 EMLA. In rootstock trials in the Czech Republic and Spain J-TE-H produced trees about 35 to 40% of standard size, trees produced a moderate number of root suckers, and yield efficiency was less than the other dwarfing rootstocks in the trial (Pajam 1, Pajam 2, M.9, and J-TE-E).  J-TE-H was included in the 2003 NC-140 rootstock trial replicated at 12 locations. After five years trees on J-TE-H had excellent survival, trees were slightly larger than trees on M.26 EMLA, trees produced few root suckers, and cumulative yield and yield efficiency were slightly greater than trees on M.26 EMLA.

Synonyms JTEH
Origin N/A
Availability N/A
Tree Size 35-40%
Precocity Early
Winter Hardiness N/A
Suckering Moderate
Tree Support Needed Yes
Where tested within NC-140 or other research plantings AR, BC, CA, GA, IA,KY, ME, NY, PA, UT, WI