Table of Apple Cultivar Susceptibility to Cedar-Apple Rust

Cedar-apple rust is a fungus disease of apple and cedar and spends parts of its life cycle on each host. It is caused by Gymnosporangium juniperi-virginianae. The fungus can infect leaves and fruit of most cultivars in the eastern region. This table lists the susceptibility of various apple cultivars to cedar apple rust.

Apple cultivar Cedar-apple rust susceptibility rating (z) Apple cultivar Cedar-apple rust susceptibility rating (z)
Ambrosia HS Mollies Delicious VR
Arkansas Black R Monroe S
Arlet HS Mutsu S
Baldwin VR Niagra R
Barry R Northern Spy S
Beacon S Northwestern Greening S
Ben Davis S Orin S
Braeburn HS Paulared R
Britemac R Prima HS
Burgundy S Pink Lady S
Cameo HS Pinova HS
Carroll R Princess HS
Chinook HS Priscilla R
Crimson Crisp HS Puritan R
Creston HS Quinte S
Dayton R Raritan S
Delblush VR Redfree VR
Delicious VR Rhode Island Greening S
Early McIntosh R Rome Beauty HS
Empire R Runkel VR
Enterprise VR Sansa VR
Fortune R Scarlet O’Hara HS
Fuji HS Scotia R
Gala HS Senshu S
Gala Supreme VR September Wonder S
Ginger Gold HS Shizuka HS
Gloster S Spartan R
Golden Delicious HS Spigold HS
Golden Supreme R Spijon S
GoldRush HS Stark Bounty S
Granny Smith R Stark Splendor S
Gravenstein Holly VR Starkspur earliblaze R
Grimes Golden R Stayman S
Hampshire VR Summerred HS
Honeycrisp S Suncrisp R
Idared S Sundance VR
Jamba S Sunrise S
Jerseymac VR Twenty Ounce HS
Jonafree S Viking R
Jonagold S Wayne S
Jonamac R Wealthy HS
Jonathan HS Williams Pride S
Julyred S Winesap R
Liberty VR Winter Banana HS
Lodi HS Wellington R
Macoun R Yakata S
Maiden Blush R Yellow Transparent R
McIntosh VR York Imperial HS
Milton VR Zestar! VR

VR = very resistant. No control needed. (Very few cultivars in this category for any disease.)

R = resistant. Control needed only under high disease pressure.

S = susceptible. Control usually needed where disease is prevalent.

HS = highly susceptible. Control always needed where disease is prevalent. These cultivars should receive first priority when control is required.

See Cedar-Apple Rust and Table of Juniper, Hawthorn, and Crab Apple Resistant to Rust Diseases for more information.